Writing Challenge: March 4

Prompt: Write about the flavors and taste of a favorite spice of yours.

It is the secret to my baking success. I add it in small quantities to recipes that don’t call for it, and in large quantities to recipes that do. It is sweet, but only slightly so. It is rich, warm and earthy. It tastes like comfort, warmth, and knowledge. It smells like an ancestral home filled ancient wisdom. It’s nurturing flavor combines and contrasts with the sweetness of sugar and the spice of cinnamon to create a blended melody of tastes that speaks to a forgotten past. It is the overlooked taste of holidays, the unexpected addition to meals, and the “something extra” in deserts. It is my signature spice and my go-to add in. Though commonly complimented, there is nothing truly remarkable about my baking; the magic is in the nutmeg.

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