I highly recommend exploring your neighborhood and town on foot. In a car you are separated from the world by metal, plastic and glass. The vehicle flies by too quickly to fully register the full richness that hides in sight. Every weekend I take a few hours to simply walk around a nearby place. Sometimes it is the river, sometimes it is the mountains, sometimes it is the quiet neighborhood, and sometimes “downtown” of small cities. Even the most mundane of places have small unique features that offer a magical, individuated space only to be discovered by the thorough observer: A small shop catering to your specific needs, a local eatery hidden behind a non-descript wall,  historical landmark that sanctifies an unsuspecting place- The perfect tree for a peaceful rest. Perhaps these things are only of interest for someone like me, who always searched for treasure in the dust. Great pleasures I’ve taken from these weekly strolls, soaking in the sun, the air, subtle local flavors of wherever I am.

of wherever I am.

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