Doll House

Writing Challenge: March 8, 2017

Prompt: write a short story or poem from the perspective of someone living in a doll house.

I throw open my bedroom window and stare into the great outside. My home’s interior is modeled after that natural landscape. My floors are modeled to look like the ground; soft and blue. My walls look like the horizons; solid and white; and my sleeping place mimics the topography of the country: The largest rise called “The bed” by the goddess served as a model for my sleeping place. The goddess occasionally carried me to that rise and I will spend hours, sometimes even a whole night, with her there. There is a smaller rise next to “Bed” called “Nightstand”, I have placed a similar structure next to my sleeping place to use as a table. There is a portal to other countries that the goddess calls “door”, that lead to the other rooms in my house. I have seen these other countries and have done my best to model the rooms in my home after them as well. The foreign country I know best is “Living Room”, but there are several other like “kitchen”, “bathroom, and “parent’s room”. There is also a whole other world the goddess takes me to. It is called “Outside”. I cannot go there without the goddess. It is a big place- so different from my world. The horizons are open, there are strange structures the goddess calls “trees” and strange round that the goddess calls “grass”. I fear the goddess will leave me in that strange place alone, but she always brings me back to my home. The goddess spends much time in the great “Outside”, leaving me alone for hours at a time, as she has now. I don’t know where she goes or what she does, but she always returns to take care of me.

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