Inspired by “Be Somewhere” by David Habben

*A special Thanks to Mark Hedengren owner of  Red Finch Gallery*


Like Chinese ink paintings each stroke of the brush

Is an illusion of chance

But a reality of purpose.

Each composition is far too fluid and graceful

To label as merely “abstract”

For each piece like a surreal landscape-

Some gentle, pastoral, and quiet,

Some wild, mountainous, and full of adventure.

Still on the page and yet moving- breathing.

The bold black ink glides across the stark white;

The unpainted space as telling as the painted.

The beauty of motion captured in the lively stillness of ink-

Inviting you to dance to a wordless song-

The rhythm fast and energetic then slow and contemplative.

The swirling echoes of a hand through air

Or a graceful leg arching through space- mimicking the sound.

The drawings, the landscapes, the music, the body, the space-

Most importantly, the space in-between,

Is always rolling, flowing, moving-

Always in motion.

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