Last Time We Spoke

Writing Challenge: March 14, 2017

Prompt: Last person you talked to- write a quick little story or poem about the last person you talked to.

We were going our separate ways after nearly 3 years of co-habitation. We had gone from strangers, to something like family in that time. We had taken care of each other- even loved each other, but when he started drinking it all fell apart. Part of me regrets that this is how it ends, yet I am relieved. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t watch him destroy himself. I couldn’t come home from work every night and hope to find him alive and conscious and fear that I would find him dead or dying. I still cared deeply for him, but we were both fading away in that place. After the furniture had been removed and we looked at the empty apartment he sighed in relief. He said that it was a change. It was a change that he needed. I know he meant more than the mis-match coffee table and couch. I agreed.

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