Pioneer Cemetery

Posted in honor of Pioneer Day, a holiday celebrated with greater fervor than the 4th of July in Utah.


Pioneer Cemetery

Nestled between two large, box-shaped suburban homes

Overlooking the picturesque valley,

Lay a quiet cemetery no large than a backyard.

Each grave marker is a small, foot-high, stone plaque-

Evenly spaced in the manicured enclosure.

All around the peaceful graves are sidewalks with even-placed benches.

In one corner there is a statue of a pioneer family

That watch the peaceful slumber of the graves from their place in the bushes.

In another there is a tall stone engraving- each name of the buried is listed here.

Dotting the lawn are stories of several laid to rest in this place.

At the gate the red roses dance in the breeze-

Mimicking the flag waving above.

Pioneer Cemetery- the ornate entrance gate reads-

Though few care to take notice.

Empty of visitors and hidden in plain site on the cliff’s overhang.

A peaceful place-

A stunning, inspiring view.

The perfect spot for solitary contemplation.

A gem found

nestled between two, large, box-shaped suburban homes.


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