The Dress

Writing Challenge: April 12, 2017

Prompt: Write about a fashion model or something that is currently in your wardrobe.

There is a dress I wish to wear for you.

No, it isn’t particularly beautiful

And it’s not particularly elegant or sexy,

But there is something special about it all the same.

It is made of chiffon fabric,

White with blue flowers.

It doesn’t hug my curves,

And it doesn’t show much skin,

But it flutters in the wind and reminds me of summer.

It isn’t high fashion.

It’s not a designer label,

And it doesn’t stand out in a closet.

Yet, this dress reminds me of travel and laughter and sunshine.

In this dress, I feel like I can conquer life,

Explore the world,

And live with a smile on my face…

And that’s why I wish to where it-

Because that it reminds me of you.

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