Ferris Wheel

Writing Prompt: April 19, 2017

Prompt: Write a story about a street fair

I always saw the Ferris Wheels lit-up against the brightly colored stalls and dizzying rides at every festival and fair. There is something iconic about a Ferris wheel- standing majestically against the night sky- that shouts out for all to come and enjoy. It stands as a beacon to the fairgrounds, guiding everyone to the magical place.

I never got to ride the Ferris Wheel as a kid, perhaps that explained my fascination. My parents didn’t like the hustle and bustle of crowds, but now as an adult I could do whatever I wanted. I was 18-right out of high school. No one could tell me no. It was 4th of July- a hot day followed by a steaming night. My scuffed converse seemed to melt on the hot pavement. Children dragged their tired parents around the fair grounds and couples strolled hand-in-hand as I jumped from booth to booth and ride to ride with my best friend. I saved the best for last.

We handed the operator my ticket as he escorted us to our seat. We rode up slowly, stopping every few seconds for each car for their turn on top. My excitement grew as I saw more and more of the landscape below me. I caused our car to rock wildly as I leaned over the bar taking pictures. I could hear my best friend’s amused chuckles as I exclaimed over the view. When we reached the top I realized that one of my childhood dreams had just been realized- and I wasn’t disappointed.

I could see the whole fair, from the dunking booth to the kids’ craft table. I could see the men preparing for the fireworks show, and people milling around the parking lot either coming into the grounds or leaving for family barbecues. I was above of all the bustle, but a part of it too, a grand observer. As our car began to descend I continued to smile. There was reason that Ferris Wheels are so iconic.

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