Writing Challenge: April 22, 2017

Prompt: Write about moving quickly or doing things fast.

I put my keys in my pocket and immediately forgot I put them there.

I put my phone in my backpack then continued to frantically search for it.

I grabbed my work clothes and threw them in a bag, then put my work shoes on and put my casual shoes in the bag with my uniform.

I left my lunch in the fridge but didn’t realize it until I was already in my car.

I tried to start the ignition with my house key for a full 15 seconds.

I was already behind when I hit the morning traffic jam.

I yelled at almost every car and traffic light on the way to school.

I was so tense by the time I made it to campus my fingers were almost to tense to unclench from the steering wheel.

I was already late for class but decided to get coffee anyway.

After spending my whole morning rushing just end up late I decided I just didn’t care about an extra five minutes.


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