Lonely Introvert

I am an introvert

And I get lonely.

This is not a paradox.

It is a loneliness that sits deep in the soul,

Infusing itself into every atom of my being.

It covers me like a latex glove.

It suffocates me

And weighs me down.

Yet, I am an introvert.

I do not need someone physically near me.

I do not need you to hold my hand or stroke my hair.

I just need to know someone cares for me,

Loves me,

And thinks of me.

I still need space to breath and think and just be.

I am lonely-

Not because I AM alone,

But because I FEEL alone.

One thought on “Lonely Introvert

  1. Don’t feel bad. See, here’s a comment. You’re interacting. It’s communication. And look up there. There’s a like. See it? See, everything is happy. No reason for loneliness.


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