Wind over Wings

Writing Challenge: May 25, 2017

prompt: Write about having wings. What would you do?

I have dreamt of flying on the wind since I was a child. In these dreams I do not have wings- the wind simply lifts me from the ground. The first dream first time I had this dream I was 4 years old. The winds blew so hard that my feet lifted and I flew over the fence and across the streets-flying wherever I wished: just me and the wind. Wings, I feel, would be a hindrance. They would have to be large and bulky to lift my weight. The beating of wings to keep aloft would be tiring, and the sound in my ears, loud and pounding. How would I sit without hurting them? How would I hide them?

In my dreams it is just my body and the wind- streamlined into a continuous whole. I do not fight the wind- the wind takes me where I wish. We are one. I am carefree.

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