*I promised to post this earlier, but I got busy with the first week of school- classes, homework, adjusting to a new schedule etc. In any case, here it is. *


I stand outside just before a rainstorm

Staring at the mountains filled with brown, green, red, yellow, and orange

Contrasted and enhanced by the muted grey sky.

Even the breeze dances quietly.

No one and nothing makes a sound.

Black silhouettes of birds beat against that silent, silver sky,

But none call as they push onward to the south.

I am within a painting.


Winter is quiet, fantastical, and dead.

The silver, white, and grays of the holiday season are beautiful at their first appearance

But the monochromatic landscape turn the mind to despair.

Spring is inspirational, renewing, and loud.

life re-awakens and colors return-

with it comes sounds of returning migrations and breeding to distract the mind

From the beauty and peace of contemplation.

Summer is warm, active and busy.

Colors and activities under a glaring blue sky excite the mind and body-

Exhilarating but also exhausting.


Autumn is balance.

It is life quieting down,

Nature slowing down for a rest.

Flora and fauna alike wind down for a nap.

It is this silent procreation that promotes the wellbeing I seek.


Only as the heavy raindrops begin to fall

can I bear to break myself from these thoughts

and leave this beautiful landscape.

I am reluctant to depart this spiritual stillness.


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