Writing Challenge: June 10, 2017

Prompt: Write about going green, or an environmental concern you have.

In winter the air in Utah is the worst in the Nation. The air problem is not as noticeable in the summer, when the hot weather seems to burn away all smog that threatens to smudge the beautiful blue sky. As winter comes a film settles over the valley. Climbing high in elevation you can see the smog caps set firmly over the valley.

The air has been linked to asemia, CPD, and lung damage. It has been linked to childhood illness, birth defects, and death in old age. Many are concerned about breathing pollution we can see- yellow-brown air we pull into our bodies through our mouths and noses causing too many people to cough, sneeze, and wheeze. Yes, the air here is poison- but it is too difficult and too expensive to combat, so instead, our state legislation combats porn as our biggest health threat

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