Writing Challenge: April 24, 2017

Prompt: Makeup a story or poem about your next-door neighbor.

We lived next door for 2 years-

But I never knew your name.

I know you own two cars-

One used regularly and one never touched.

I knew you were single

And that you have two children,

A boy around 9, and a girl around 5.


I know you once had a garden;

The dug-up patch is still visible.

I know the music you listen to

Whenever you work out.

And I know that your apartment

Is built just like mine.

I know the rooms, I know the counters,

I know the very floors.


I know all these things about you,

Though we never spoke.

Part of me regrets never reaching out,

That’s just how things are these days:

We hold to the belief that good fences make good neighbors,

So we lived next door for 2 years-

Without knowing each other’s names.



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