The Man We Call Hobbit

Writing Challenge: June 15, 2017

Prompt: Write about faeries, elves, ogres, or some other mythical creature.

We call him “The Hobbit”.

He comes into our building twice a week to play DnD.

He stands out the most among the motley crew

Because he is the one most likely to wander the building-

With his big, bare, hairy feet.

We, the custodians, cannot understand this.

This is a public building on a public university campus.

Who walks around a public space without shoes?

We will see him walking to DnD room with sandals-

His furry toes sticking out for the world to see-

And immediately remove him once he sits down.

He walks around the room without shoes,

He walks down the halls without shoes,

And he walks to the restroom without shoes.

He even stands before the urinal to himself without shoes-

Leaving his large foot prints on the stained floor.

Only when he leaves for the night- at 11:00pm the building’s closing time

Will he slip the sandals on again-

Presumably to be removed once he walked through his front door.

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