Writing Challenge: June 17, 2017

Prompt: Write about the smells and sights in a bakery.

*note: I didn’t pay much attention to the prompt and ended up writing about the smells and sounds of a bakery instead*

Bang!  Clash! Clang! The mornings in a bakery begin long before sunrise. The bagels and buns must be made for the breakfast crowd and the cookies and cakes for the afternoon masses. The sweet, warm, scent of ripening yeast wafts through the kitchen over the tables of the dining area. Whirrrrrrlllllll! Scrap! Plop! Sugar is mixed, spun, and spread for icing and decorative flowers. The delicate whiffs of this sweetness grows until it is almost nauseating. The lights in the dining area are off; through the front windows the place looks empty, but around the corner in back alley you will see light leaking from the kitchen with the sounds and the smells of rushing pastry chefs.

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