Even Now, I Hate Her

Writing challenge: June 25, 2017

Prompt: Write in the theme of jealousy or envy

It’s more than just jealousy- its pure hatred. I hated her. I hated everything about her. The way she trapped you in her spell is something I will never understand. She was only passingly pretty. She’s neither particularly beautiful or sexy, and yet you fell for her like a hungry dog licking fallen gravy from the floor. She was even more possessive and crazy than I was. She lied, screamed, and manipulated to get her way. She played games with everyone around her; hurting friends and perceived enemies alike. Nothing was too far or too low for her, and you fell for it every time, either blissfully blind to the fool she made of you, or choosing her above your own dignity. It wasn’t until she grew tired of you that she gave you the parting shot- teasing you, while pregnant with another man’s child, it was finally over between you two. It’s been over a year and now we are together. Now she is out of the picture. Now you assure me that you will never speak to her again, but even now, my blood boils at the thought of her. Even now I cringe at her name. Even now I remember the personal attacks she made on me, and the humiliation she put you through. I don’t care if she’s grown up, matured, or changed. Even now, I hate her.



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