Coffee Shop

Writing Challenge: June 30, 2017

Prompt: Think of something you’ve recently discovered. Use it as inspiration

*The Coffee shop referenced is “Buns and Brew”, located at 200 N, just off Main Street in Spanish Fork Utah* *Try their flavored mocha called “MilkyWay”, it’s delicious!*

There’s a little coffee shop off Main Street,

Sitting cozily behind the war memorial.

It’s a small place-

The paint is peeling.

The floors are uneven,

And the furniture looks like it came from a thrift shop,

But its an airy and cheerful place.

There is a outdoor patio for patrons to enjoy the sun,

And indoor tables for computers.

I go only on Sundays,

When the rest of Utah is closed down.

It’s like the anti-church.

A place for the few non-religious-

Or those coming out of church-

To get their caffeine fix.

Here the forbidden drink of coffee is served hot or cold,

Here the college student works, the writer writes, and friends gossip.

There is only a handful of people here,

Keeping it a quiet sanctuary.

A special Sunday retreat.

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