Writing Challenge: July 26, 2017

Prompt: Write about the eruption of a volcano

The ground shook violently as burning ash hurled out of the mountain-top. Fascinated and horrified we watched from the city. The death cloud hurled toward us with devastating speed. Everything was engulfed in its darkness. We knew we would die. Everyone who could had already left- the rest of us were simply left behind.  Several ran to the beach, hoping against all hope that they could fight their way onto a boat sailing out to sea, but the boats were long gone now. Some tried to swim in the rough waves, drowning when they tired. Some tried to run, fleeing down the roads that led away from the city, knowing that the poisonous ash would envelope them before long. Some tried to barricade themselves in their homes, hoping the stone walls would protect them. There was no escape. There was no hiding from this. We would die where we were- Instantly- frozen forever in fear.

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