Sick Shopping

Writing Challenge: Aug 9, 2017

Prompt: Write about an experience that happened at a grocery store.

I was sick- head pounding, stomach rolling, nose running sick. My hair was a rat’s nest, my skin clammy and pale, my eyes red and puffy. I needed cold medicine and soup, and being an adult, I had to get it myself. Usually I would have walked to the store that was just a block away- sure I wouldn’t make it that far- but that day I took my car. Usually I wouldn’t leave my house without changing out of my pajamas, but that day I wore a baggy t-shirt under a slouchy sweater, sweat pants, and a pair of bright red slipper-boots. In a word, I looked awful. I shuffled to the store to pick up the medicine and my soup, paying no attention to anyone around me. My objective was nearly complete. The only thing on my mind was crawling back in bed. That’s when one guy stopped me:

“Hey, you want to go out sometime?” I stared at him blankly for a second as I attempted to process what he said with my illness-fogged head.

“Not really” I mumbled and shuffled off to check out. Part of me was flattered, the other part of me annoyed at detained for even a second. Did I really look like I felt like going out?

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