Under the Sea

Writing Challenge: Aug 22, 2017

Prompt: Write about ocean creatures

We know less about the ocean on this planet than we do about the space around this planet. The parallel between space and the seas are paramount: both are unimaginably vast, but fathomlessly empty. One could travel for hours, or even days and see nothing. We are so concerned about finding life on other planets, when we are still finding so many strange, wonderful, amazing, creepy, scary, and unbelievable things in our own waters. Deep, deep down, far below the peaceful waves lurk creatures that boggle the imagination. Here, in the waters, there are whales longer than a basketball court. Here we have found creatures that have inspired myths and legends of old. Here we have found creatures so grotesque that they are more alien than movie producers can even imagine for the big screen. Why do we search so diligently among the stars for the strange and unknown, when we can find it so much closer to home?

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