Illegal Casino

Writing Challenge: Sept 10, 2017

Prompt: Write about playing a card game

Gambling is strictly illegal in the state of Utah, therefore any semblance of gambling is banned from public schools. That being said, we played poker and Rumi every chance we got: back stage during rehearsals, at lunch, in the library etc. To keep things interesting we would “gamble” with candy- naming each different color or candy type a different monetary amount. Three times we had our deck of cards confiscated: twice by the drama teacher, Mr. Carpenter and once by the vice-principal. As soon as the confiscator walked away we simply pulled out another deck and re-started our game. One night, while on break during a rehearsal for the up-coming school play, we tried hiding Nathan’s family van to play without interruption. In the cold fall night, the van windows fogged up. Assuming some other questionable activity was underway, Mr. Carpenter banged on the van door, causing us all to jump. We opened the door to reveal our underground casino, much to his surprise (as he was sure by now he had taken all our cards), and amusement. Feigning anger at our flagrant disregard to Utah law he ordered us back inside to finish rehearsals. We never got to finish that round.

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