Bon Fire

Writing Challenge: Sept 22, 2017

Prompt: Write something inspired by the saying “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

A thin line of gray smoke swirled in the light breeze. I could see it from down the road, even before I saw the cheerful flames. “Where there is smoke, there’s fire” I though as I drove up the long dirt driveway. “And with my friends there is guaranteed to be both.” I was assaulted before I even left the car- my best friend yanking the door open before I had even unbuckled my seat belt. “Finally!” She shouted over the salvaged junk-yard speakers broadcasting loud rock music. It was the perfect night. The house, backing onto a nature reserve, was remote enough to ease concerns about noise. The lack of city lighting allowed for a perfect view of stars in the clear night sky. The crisp October weather was ideal for cozy sweaters and blankets, warm mugs, and a hot fire, and for the first time in 6 years we had everyone together again. We were all adults now; we all had jobs, responsibilities, and a healthy bit of grown-up cynicism- but, that night, we were all teenagers again. Reliving “the good ol’ days”, when the flames of possibility still flared bright

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