Sticky Situation

Writing Challenge: Oct 5, 2017

Prompt: Imagine a situation that’s very sticky (syrup, glue, etc.)

During the week breakfast is a quick, easy, baked-good to eat in the car on the way too class- but on weekends, when there is no rush, I can treat myself with a fresh, warm, sit-down meal. I spend the morning mixing together flour, baking powder, and eggs. I watch them bubble on the griddle and slid the golden-brown disks onto my waiting plate. I relax at the table with coffee, a newspaper, and my hot, syrup covered breakfast. I leisurely read and eat.

No matter how carefully I eat, my fingers are always sticky after pancakes. I push index finger and thumb pads together and pull them apart- childless amused by the resistance the residual syrup creates.

Squish-pop, squish-pop, squish-pop-  I stick and unstick my fingers all the way to the sink, carrying my messy plate and fork in my other hand. I turn on the hot water and vigorously scrub the hardening amber-goo on my plate. Slowly, it slides off the porcelain and plops into the white tub below.  When my dishes are thoroughly rinsed I wash my sticky finger in the warm water. The sweet mess is carried down the drain. A relaxing, weekend-morning ritual, complete.


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