First Date

Writing Challenge: Oct 18, 2017

Prompt: Write a list of potential titles and choose one to write from

Title: Me, You , and Tiramisu

It was our first official date-

Though we’ve been together for years.

Somehow, things always got in the way-

“us” time became “we” time with friends

Or “crash” time at home

Or “vacation” time during visits.

Actual dates- planned-out, set-aside dates-

Those hadn’t happened yet.

I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I was happy-

You were happy-

We were happy with how things were.

Still, we were told that we needed to be “official”-

Maybe it was a friend, or an article, or some social rule-

And that we could only be “together” if we had a real date.

So, we dressed up.

You wore a silver button-up shirt.

I wore a blue dress-

And we went to a little café.

You ordered a chai

I ordered a mocha

And we shared the tiramisu


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