Writing Challenge: Oct 26, 2017

Prompt: Write about walking down the sidewalk. Describe what you see

Cars pass me by as I walk on the smooth, cool, gray pavement. I walk in the shade provided by orange and yellow trees, dropping their leaves and heavy walnuts. I step on their fallen color, a slight crunch under my sneakered feet.

The sky is so- so blue and clear is seems painted. The weather is pleasant- neither hot or cold. It is quiet, as it always is on a Sunday in Utah. Cars pass infrequently with families going to and coming from the churches on every corner. A dog barks occasionally as I pass, and I can hear the muffled sounds of televisions in houses next to the sidewalk.

As I walk I pass by houses- in one, newer neighborhood they are practically identical, slowly building to more variety as I walk westward to the historical downtown district. I like this area best of all. I pass both kept and un-kept yards. I pass old-half worn buildings, and newer box-shaped ones. I pass the outdated public library, deep dips in crosswalks, and the darkened shop windows- closed for the Sabbath day. I stop to take a drink at the beautiful, stone encased public fountain, the water cool from the underground spring that furnishes it’s drink- and continue starting at the sky, the trees, and brick buildings around me. I love how quiet, unhurried, and peaceful this small city is on a Sunday afternoon.

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