Why I Love Thanksgiving

As previously stated in my last post, Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. I know most people outside the United States don’t know what Thanksgiving is, or do know but don’t know what the big deal is, so let me explain why I love it so much.

Thanksgiving is never a disappointment to me. Halloween and Christmas always have a huge buildup of excitement and anticipation that almost always manages to fall flat. That doesn’t happen with Thanksgiving. Why? Because you get exactly what you expect. You expect to get family together, make a huge meal, and sit around the table to eat it- and that’s what happens. Simple and easy. I understand that for a lot of people that sounds terrible because they a) can’t cook b) can’t stand their family or some combination of  both, but as I love to cook and my family can actually get along for an entire meal, it’s great.

Finally, Thanksgiving is a day about contentment. I worked retail for 3 Holiday Seasons in a row, and trust me, I know how insane Thanksgiving and Black Friday can get. Despite all the push to start buying more and more, earlier and earlier into the holidays, there is something nice about imagining- just for a moment- that we are capable of being happy, content, and grateful for what we already have. I know reality is much more complicated than that, but the idealist in me likes to imagine that we are capable of better things.

Finally, how can you not love a Holiday with a Turkey mascot? Turkey’s are big, grumpy, stubborn, ugly, clumsy birds; In other words, they are completely fantastic. I’m with Benjamin Franklin on this one, the Turkey should have been our National Animal.


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