Dreams: Birds, Ex-Boyfriends, Puppies, and Floods

I found an old dream journal I used to keep and decided to share some of my dreams. They are usually pretty weird or oddly symbolic, which make them very interesting to tell.

Dec 9, 2012

There is an eagle and a hawk of the same size. The hawk captures the eagle by the neck. Someone frees the eagle from the hawk’s grasp and the eagle flies away. The hawk stays. It stares at me and makes me uneasy. I seems to want to hunt me. I run and hide in a bathroom; the hawk tries to et through the door. I attempt to close it but my friend tells me to open the door. I do and the hawk is gone. In the hawk’s place is a bunny of the same color. My ex comes into the room. He tells me that he loved me and wants more from our relationship.

Same Night, another dream.

I am back at my childhood home in Texas. My mom is still married to her abusive ex-husband. I am searching for water. I dig and water bubbles up. I am proud of finding it, but I am told that a crew already found water in the backyard. Now the backyard is flooding. I’m told that we plan to grow crops there, but I’m worried about our dog who is about to have puppies. We move her to the front, by the deck. She gives birth to six puppies. The water rises to the house.


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