Through His Eyes

writing Challenge: Nov 24, 2017

Prompt: Write a poem or story that is told through someone’s eyes

When he was born his eyes were bright blue; by the age of two they had changed into an enchanting hazel. Always wide and full of wonder as a child, sparkling with mischief as an adolescent, and amusement as a young adult. As the years wore on, his eyes squinted as he struggled to make ends-meet at computer screens, and teared with joy as his children grew. Lines splayed out from the corners like sparklers and eyelids began to droop as children began lives of their own. Behind thick glasses his crinkled eyes still sparkled as he bounced grandbabies on his wearing knees. Slowly, clouds formed in the warm hazel as eyelids fell ever-further down. Still, the light never faded from his cheerful gaze until at last his deeply-lined, heavy-lidded, honey-brown eyes closed forevermore.

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