Climb Mountains

writing challenge: Dec 18, 2017

Prompt: Find a motivational poster online and write something inspired by it.

poster: Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.

In the Valley everyone seems to be enchanted by Mt. Timpanogos. It is a lumbering form with several well-known trails and some old local myth about the “Sleeping Princess” and the “Heart of Timp”, but this is not the mountain that I think best distinguishes the spacious vale. Kitty-corner to Timp, a thinner, shorter crag guts out from the Rockies. The steep, smooth incline is graceful in comparison it it’s rough neighbors. It’s general shape vaguely looks like Pride Rock from every 90’s kid favorite movie- The Lion King. This feature, called Squaw Peak has an ugly, racist name, left over form an ugly, racist past- but it’s beautiful visage contrasts it’s nomenclatural   blight. The locally famous Squaw Peak trail it short, but steep and challenging.

Up the thin, winding path you will wind- passing trees, streams, and small meadows all the while. Just when you feel you can go no further- your legs and lungs burning from hard work in the thin atmosphere- you will reach the most astounding view. The valley- no, the world- lay beneath your feet. Eagles, hawks and seagulls soar under your gaze. The blue lake shines like an aquamarine jewel in the sun embedded in the soft brown and green velvet of Earth. Tiny toy houses and churches dot the valley like gingerbread towns. You will never feel more large or small, more powerful and insignificant as you will in that moment- overlooking the world at your feet and the infinite robin-egg sky above you.

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