writing challenge: Jan 5, 2018

prompt: write a myth that explains the seasons

There was once a time before any winter. Before there was cold, or frost or snow, there was a time when the world lay in eternal summer. Vivid green leaves danced merrily on trees, harvests were always bountiful, and animals were always plump and fertile. This summer-world was beautiful and rich, and the people who inhabited it were always happy and prosperous- but like all things- this world came to an end. The people grew lazy without work, and ignorant without ingenuity. They grew prideful without the humility of labor, and ungrateful for the bounty they so freely received. Seeing this, The Sun- provider of all things- talked to his wife The Moon- surveyor of all things- and together they created a plan to teach their children of work, ingenuity, labor, and thanks. Together, the Sun and the Moon tilted the Earth and set it spinning to create the Seasons.


At first humanity struggled. When the days grew shorter and colder they were afraid. Leaves and fruit began to fall from trees- from green to brown, overnight, without warning. Animals that were always abundant and fat began to migrate away from the cold, leaving humans to hunt what was once easily. If it wasn’t for the loving Guidance of the Sun, Moon, and Stars they would have all perished. Slowly, humanity began to learn the way of reaping and sowing, work and leisure, and they were happier than they were before, for now they knew what it was to lack. Now they knew what it was to earn what they received. Seeing their children so industrious and humbled, the Sun and the Moon wished to reward them. So now, instead of green and brown- the leaves on the trees now cycle- symbolizing the seasons that so benefited humanity. In Summer the leaves would be as green as they were in the Summer-days, displaying how things were. In Autumn the leaves would display a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors- symbolizing the vibrancy of humanity as it became. In Winter the leaves would fall and die- symbolizing the way death that could, and would occur without labor and love, and in Spring the budding blossoms and leaves symbolized the promise of the Sun and Moon to always provide for their children.


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