It’s nearing the end of January and we are just receiving our first true snowfall of the winter.

Here in Utah, the winter’s snow is key to the state’s survival. Not only is Utah’s snow considered the best in the world by sportsmen and women (thanks to the Great Salt Lake’s “lake effect”) but it is also the keystone of the state’s yearly water supply- a rapidly depleting supply thanks to 10 years of drought in a desert state.

This dry winter has had sportsmen, tourists, farmers, and environmentalists alike concerned. Even I, a girl who grew up on the hot and humid, coastal plains of Texas began to crave snow- something I have never done before.

Finally, in Mid-January- several months late- a snowstorm hit. Despite my general dislike of cold and hatred of driving on ice- I breathed a sigh of relief. This one, small, late storm does little to ease the water-depression we are experiencing- but it brings hope that more is yet to come.

Today, for the first time in years. I went outside and built a snowman. My toes in my boots began to freeze, my gloves were stiff with snow, and the ends of my sleeves grew icicles. Still, I knelt in the cold and packed down layer upon layer, with a smile on my face.  He’s a short, misshapen, and truly ugly little thing. He’s naked- no face, no arms, and no clothes, but he’s my little snowman. A celebration of the snow that almost never came.

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