Space Colonization

Writing challenge: Jan 8, 2018

Prompt: Write about the Pros and Cons of colonizing another planet


We joke about “not wanting to live on this planet anymore.”

We joke about restarting civilization somewhere else-

We point out how the world is falling apart-

how this planet is over-crowed-

used up-


We joke about leaving, as if it couldn’t happen

But theoretically it could.


We’ve sent shuttles into space-

Sent men to the moon

We’ve landed rovers on Mars-

We could make the trip to those alien terrains easily enough.

We could create artificial atmospheres in which to breathe.

We could find, or even create water.

We could ship, create, or find the materials necessary to survive-

But it would be expensive.

It would take time.

It would take research, will power, bravery, and risk.

The politics and logistics would be a nightmare-

But we could do it.

Now the question is-

SHOULD we do it?


Should we spread humanity to new places.

Should we create life where none existed before?

Should we settle and exploit other planets

The way we have exploited our own?

Should we risk the crossing of microbes-

From place to place?

Should we risk so much on so unsure an enterprise?

Should we continue to do what we have always done:

Expand, adapt, and expand even more.

We could do it.

I’m sure we will do it.

But I still wonder if we should.

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