Him and Her

Writing challenge: Jan 15, 2018

Prompt: Write a character’s description once from the perspective of someone in love with them and another from the perspective of someone who hates them.

*I wrote 2 characters- male and female*

She is full of life- energetic, carefree, and spontaneous. There is something intoxicating about her laugh and something magical about her smile. She is beautiful and confident. Fun-loving and just so- free. It’s impossible not to love her.


She is so annoying: hyper, careless, and inattentive. She’s so loud and vacant- always smiling and laughing because she’s too dim-witted to know what’s going on. She beautiful, sure, but so vain about it. She’s just so shallow and stupid. It annoys me how many people love her.


He’s so strong and handsome- like a superhero. That strong chin and wavy blond hair makes me want to swoon in hopes that he rushes to my aide and carries me off into the sunset. He’s so smart, nice, and popular. Everyone either loves him or wants to be him- and why not? He’s the picture-perfect guy.


He’s such a stereotypical jock- like the bully in an 80’s movie. With that chistled face and blond hair- who does he think he is, Captain America? The worst part is that he’s so nice– it’s annoying. It makes me hate him even more, because you can’t really hate him. He’s so perfect and popular. It makes me sick.

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