Anime and Wine Dream

This weekend was divided between frantic homework/errand catch-up, then binging anime while finishing off an entire bottle of wine. I found that anime-wine before bed has interesting results.


I am at Mom’s in Colorado. It might be a holiday- that’s usually the only time I’m out there. I’m sitting on the couch between my little brothers Aryan and David. The whole family is sitting around and talking when a little orange kitten wanders into the living room. We don’t know where the little guy came from, or how he got in the house. We decide we should try to find his owners if he has any and keep him if not. After this is decided the little kitten starts to wander around the room. Suddenly, he pops into a human for a second- like an anime. Shocked, we ask him if he’s human or a cat. He turns back into a young-man and tells us that he’s human but found it easier to survive as a cat. We ask him how old he is and he says he’s 15, the same age as Aryan. I cry and say he’s still a baby (as I say about Aryan all the time) and we debate about how to help him.


My conclusion is that wine and anime before bed results in interesting dreams

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