Siren of the Lake

Writing Challenge: February 12, 2018

Prompt: Write something inspired by a dream

Siren of the Lake part 1:

When her father refused the match, she and her lover planned to run away. She was rich and he was poor- but she loved him so much. She took the bridal clothes she and her mother had been weaving, her jewelry, and a purse of coins from her father. “one day” she vowed, she and her husband would pay them back. For now, they needed something to get started.

She met her lover in the dark of night. He waited by the shores of the lake in a boat. Across the water they would start a new life together. Giddy with both excitement and guilt, she let her hand skim the water as her love rowed. Halfway across the water, he stopped. He lunged across the small boat toward her and threw her over the edge. She screamed, but there was no one around to hear her, except for him. She struggled to stay above the waves, she desperately reached for the boat, but he pulled her fingers from the rough wood. Water filled her mouth, her nose, her throat. She slipped under the dark water. He rowed away, admiring how her jewels glittered in the moon light.

She drifted to the bottom of the lake- darkness closing in. Her last fleeting thought: “’tis better to drown than to marry a man such as he.” But she didn’t drown. The water, impregnated with magic from an ancient time, took pity on the girl. Instead of death the waters granted her a new life as a siren- a spirit of the lake.

Part 2:

A newly engaged maiden sits by the water thinking of her beloved. She gently trails her fingers through the water as she sings. Ripples begin to form in the middle of the lake. Curious, the maiden looks up. The ripples stop. All is quiet for a moment. Suddenly, a hand grabs the young maiden’s wrist and she is pulled into the water where she drowns. The smiles benevolently at the floating body of the young girl. She tenderly moves a wet tendril of hair from the maiden’s still face. “I have saved you from a fate far worse than death”. She tells the dead girl- as she has told hundreds of girls over the years. The lake has a reputation as being haunted by a vengeful siren. A siren who kills engaged and married women to save then from their husbands. There have been many women who willingly waded into the waters to escape their matrimonial fate. Those who die willingly became the siren’s handmaidens. Those who were murdered passed peacefully onward. Yes, she was proud of her work- self-satisfied with her humanity. She lovingly caressed her new daughter’s face a knight stumbled to the water’s edge. Seeing his love floating in the water he threw himself down in the shallows and screamed his pain and misery. Still clad in full armor he plunged himself into the water toward the siren and his love- “Kill me” he begged the siren, waist deep in the water. “Without her, I have no reason to live.” The siren watched dumbfounded as he reached his love. Holding her to his plated chest he cried, then dove under the water to join her. Weighed down by his heavy armor and his broken heart he slipped beneath the water, never to surface again.

3- My sister’s wedding was approaching. We celebrated by the old pond. We were told it was once a large grand lake, now years had shrunken it to this peaceful, secluded borders. After a picnic and lunch we doze with our feet dipped in the cool water. My sisters drifted off too sleep. My heavy eyes began to close when I saw a ripple in the water. My eyes snapped opened and I watched as the Siren emerged. I had heard the myths of the waters and rushed to wake my slumbering sisters. The Siren stopped me, assuring me that she no-longer killed engaged woman- instead she had become a guardian of the waters, women, and pure love. She didn’t come to drown my sister under the cool waters, but to congratulate her happiness.


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