5 Ways to Win My Heart

Writing Challenge: February 14, 2018

Prompt: List 5 ways to win your heart


1- Make me smile: I’m often a stressed out, depressed, anxious mess. Having someone who can help me calm down and smile is essential to my life.

2- Give me space: I am an ambivert. I will love you, and love to be around you, but I will also need “me-time” to keep functioning. Let me have it, and I’ll love you forever.

3- Be Fun: This is different for everyone, but for me this means be willing to have a good time whether we are going out to a party, or staying at home on the couch. Fun is what an extension of your attitude.

4- Be adventurous: I like to travel, I like to try new things, and I like to explore. I want to be with someone who do things with me. Whether you are the instigator or the tag-along, I just need someone who will encourage me to learn, grow, and experience things.

5- Make me feel like me: I need someone I can be myself around. If I feel like I’m putting up and act or “proving” something, than a relationship won’t work. I need someone who will support me in all my glorious mess, call me out on my bullshit, but still make me feel like myself. It’s a hard job, but It’s one I promise to perform in return.

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