Scariest Thing of All

Writing Challenge: Feb 16, 2018

Prompt: Write a story that begins “The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.”

“The Human mind is truly the scariest thing of all” she whispered to me as she whipped the blood off the face of yet another body found in the alley behind a diner and a laundromat.

“Jason Donovan- 34, local resident.” I read off the license found in his wallet. All cards and cash were gone. “There’s a photo. Wife and kids. Contact the family”

Monsters, Devils, Demons- truly terrifying creatures of the night. We fear the darkness in which they stalk. We don’t trust the shadows where we cannot see. Do we forget that these creatures spring from the human mind? Do we forget that the evils accused of them were imagined and committed by mankind. We take a perverse comfort in believing that only something twisted, something grotesque could be so terrifyingly scary. And we aren’t wrong. The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.

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