Sun and Moon Rise and Set

Writing Challenge: February 18, 2018

Prompt: Write a myth that explains why the sun rises and sets.

Once there was only the Sun and Moon in the great black sky. In their loneliness, they created the rest of the heavens. Their love of living things was so great that the universe around them flourished and the sky was becoming too crowded. As more stars and planets filled the sky The Sun and Moon began to feel stifled. They’re brightness was fading. They loved the Stars and the planets they created- but how could they breathe with so much around them? They couldn’t bring themselves to destroy the worlds that they had so lovingly created- and so rather than pushing the planets and stars from the sky the Sun and Moon decided that they could no loner shine together. They would take turn in the sky above the worlds they created. During the day the sun shone bright- so bright the stars were rendered invisible. At night the Moon would shine- helping the stars to emit their own brilliant glow. At Dawn and Dusk the Sun and Moon would tenderly embrace- shining together. For their great love they would part at day and night: sacrificing their time together so that the other could shine.

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