Why the Grass is Green

Writing Challenge: February 20, 2018

Prompt: Write a myth explaining why the grass is green

When Earth was young, and life was still forming everything was brown and blue: everything wet was blue and everything dry was brown. The world was beautiful in its own simple way- but the Sun and Moon felt that something was missing. While looking at the animals they had created, full of life and color, they finally understood. The Earth looked so sad with such a bland palate for the rich variety of animals that roamed upon it. Fruits and flowers exploded with every color of the rainbow. “How vibrant!” The Sun and Moon exclaimed. Desert sands and wheat fields were painted gold: “How glorious” they crowed. Trees in large forests and jungles around the globe would vary in shades and shapes across the world: “how exciting! The declared. The one landscape they couldn’t decide upon was the grassy meadows. What color do we paint these peaceful lands? What color could convey the tranquility of such patrol bliss? “Green!” They said “Just the thing. How beautiful fat white cows look in emerald fields. How bright will yellow buttercups pop among peridot plains? How radiant will dew glisten on the cheerful blades- and so it was that the Sun and the Moon painted the grasslands of the world in their favorite color: green.

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