Writing Challenge: February 22, 2018

Prompt: What is your zodiac sign? Does it fit your personality?

Sagittarius or Ophiuchus- that is the question for those of us born in Mid-December. I like to say that I have two Star-Signs- marking myself and those sharing my birth month as “special” in our odd circumstance.

According to astrology I should be adventurous, energetic, and optimistic as a Sagittarius. As an Ophiuchus I am expected to be passionate, curious, hungry for knowledge, and have an explosive temper. As with all star signs, these generic traits apply to many people; a way for astrologists to hedge their bets when telling personalities and fortunes through the stars.

I do enjoy learning and traveling. I can be quite curious and energetic. I would call myself a “realist” before an “optimist”, and would say that my temper is leans more toward anxious and obnoxious rather than “passionate” and “explosive”, but all and all- I could say that I share traits with these prescribed personality descriptors as much as the next person prescribes to their zodiac.

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