Verede and the Maiden

Writing Challenge: February 27, 2018

Prompt: Write a story where the dragon saves the girl from a knight

I could see her discomfort from the air. I was on the hunt, debating between mutton and veal mid-flight, when I spotted two humans down below. He was shinning in the sun, blinding as his armor flashed and clanked on the dusty road. I could see him advancing on her as she inched back toward the large oak on the road side. He stepped forward, and she stepped back. He reached out to her, and she held up her hands to create a barrier. I could see him grabbing her hands and pulling him toward her. He leaned his face down to kiss her. She turned her head- trying to jerk out of his grasp. They were alone- alone for miles, I was the only one who could save her. Lunch could wait.

I dove toward them. She screamed, he pushed her behind him. He drew his sword- she looked terrified, caught between a dragon and a greater monster. With one swipe of my claws I batted him out of my way. With my other claw I gently lifted the maiden from the ground and took off toward the sky. She screamed at first- shrill, loud, and long.

“Be calm, maiden, I intend no harm”

I called to her in my arms. Miraculously, perhaps from surprise, she stopped screaming. I followed the road she had been traveling along before she came across the knight. A few miles along the dusty path there lay a quiet village beside a spacious field. I landed gently in the grass, careful not to crush the girl as I balanced myself.

“Th-thank you.” She stuttered breathlessly.

“I saw you were in trouble. I never trusted knights, not even with their own kind.”

“You saved me. I was visiting my sister in the next village. That knight followed me as I was walking home, please, allow me to give you one of my father’s sheep in return for your kindness.”

“I thank you dear maiden, but I must ask- why were you walking alone?”

“It is only a few miles, a short walk. I know most people in these parts.”

“What about him?”

“He’s the magistrate’s son, he wishes to bed me. I’ve refused him any times, but he is persistent.”

“I see.”

“Please, Sir Dragon, my father’s sheep are in the next field. Choose the fattest yew and I will tell father of my debt to you.”

“You are kind, maiden. I will protect you from him. If he bothers you again, lady, call for me. I will come.”

“What do I call you?”

“Just call for Verede.”

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