Like You Never Lost Your Patience

Writing Challenge: March 3, 2018

Prompt: What are some of your favorite song lyrics. Why?

Lost on You by LP: “hold me like you’ve never lost your patience, tell me that you love me more than hate me all the time, and you’re still mine.”


It is no secret that my boyfriend and I have had a turbulent past. For many years  our relationship was rocky at best until we finally figured out our feelings. We were a case of young, immature love that needed time to come to fruition.

We fought, we hurt one another, and we took time- sometimes months- apart to figure things out. No matter how much we fought. No matter how badly we hurt one another, we knew that we loved each other more than any level of hate. We learned from our mistakes. We took time to figure ourselves out, and from that found out what we really needed. We grew apart and then grew together. We still fight at times. We still lose our patience, but we learned how to communicate without ourselves and each other.  After all of that, in the we still love each other.

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