Like a Doll

Writing Challenge: March 7, 2018

Prompt: Write about the worst or weirdest compliment you’ve received.


“You’re small and pretty and look like a doll, so old men want to collect you.”

I had literally no idea how I was supposed to respond to that. Several Criminal Minds episodes immediately popped in my head, making me shutter.


I was joking with my co-workers at Macy’s about the older men who would hit on me as I helped them check out their blenders and chef knives, and that is how Susan* responded.


Her comment wasn’t unflattering, after-all, she had called me pretty, but it was also unnerving to referred to as a collectable doll- a creepy porcelain mockery of humanity. To this day I’m still unsure how I was supposed to feel about that comment.


*name changed

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