Rain Fall

Writing Challenge: March 23, 2018

Prompt: Write something inspired by the following word: Petrichor- the pleasant smell that often accompanies the first rain after a period of warm, dry weather.

The smell of rain is a romantic notion that has inspired hundreds of candle scents. There is something soothing about the scent and the notion is brings. What could be more positive than rainfall? What could be more relaxing than the sound of rain hitting the dry ground? What could be more uplifting than plants lifting their faces toward the sky to quench their thirst? What could be more glorious than the sun, breaking through the clouds after a much needed downpour and painting a rainbow across the newly replenished Earth? That smell, that sweet, ethereal scent, is the scent of warm spring showers and heavy summer downpours. It is the scent of sunshine and water- it is the scent of life.

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