Writing Challenge: April 2, 2018

Prompt: Write about someone learning what freedom means to them.

Choice. I had never had one before. Ever since I can remember I was told what I would do and when. NO one asked me what I wanted. No one asked me what I thought. They always told me that they knew what I needed- and that was what mattered.

I started to question what I was told. That questioning was agonizing and exhilarating. I was doing the unthinkable by thinking for myself. Maybe other’s did to, but they kept it to themselves. The thrill was intoxicating. Once I started to think on my own, I wanted to act on my own too.

I spoke out. I asked “why” when I was told to cut my hair. I remember the look of surprise and then anger. I was never given an answer- but I was given a warning.

I left. The more I questioned, the more I thought, the more I knew I couldn’t stay. I was punished for my disobedience. I was shunned for my inquiries. Finally, I did something I never would have imagined in my childhood- I made the choice to leave.

Choice. Suddenly, I had to make a choice every minute of every day. When will I wake, what will I eat, what will I wear, where will I go, what will I do? I am overwhelmed and excited by the endless possibilities. There is a terrifying responsibility that accompanies freedom, but there is also an open future I never could have dreamed possible.

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