Loud and Shy

writing Challenge: April 4, 2018

Prompt: Are you loud, outgoing, or shy?

I am loud, but insecure. When in a new situation I will either react with bravado or retreat within myself. I am outgoing when I need to be- when I need to get things done, be productive, or move around. I can network at a meeting and laugh at a party. I can move a mile a minute- directing others in how to do the same and I can work 16 hours on my meet without taking a break- but I can also be lazy. I can lay in bed all day, reading or watching Netflix without speaking to anyone at all. I can spend weekends completely alone with just a bottle of wine and a few good movies. I can happily shun the world for days- not because I can’t handle the world, but simply because I don’t want to.

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