Less is More

Writing Challenge: April 6, 2018

Prompt: Write about five things you should do less

1- I should eat out less. I write this while I eat some cheap sushi I just bought. I fully recognize the irony.

2- I should drink less caffeine. Coffee and soda, I’m becoming dependent.

3- I should stress less. I’m always worried, stressed, and anxious over things I cannot control. Despite knowing, logically, that everything will be fine, I worry myself sick.

4- I should watch Netflix/Hulu. I’ve started binge-watching shows and movies on weekends instead of doing homework. I’ve justified it because I’m so busy during the week, but if I’m honest I’m just being lazy.

5-I should eat less salt and sugar. My diet has been gotten worse and worse as the semester marches on. I do try to eat fruits and vegetables every day, and I try to limit meat to twice a week, but I love salty foods and baked-goods and find them easy to access on a busy schedule. Salt and baked goods are my dietary weaknesses.


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