Ideal Morning

Writing Challenge: April 9, 2018

Prompt: Describe your ideal morning routine.

Fantasy: I’d wake up- happy and refreshed- bright and early in the morning. I’d take my medication and drink a glass of water before doing some yoga. Coffee will brew on the counter while I prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast that I’ll enjoy while reading a book, newspaper, or magazine. After a relaxed, unrushed, morning meal I’d brush my teeth, apply my make-up before dressing in the clothing I had laid out the evening before.

Reality: My alarm goes off and I try to remember to take my medication before hitting snooze. I will continue hitting snooze for the next hour. I’ll roll out of bed and turn on the coffee maker and brush my teeth while deciding what to wear. I’ll rush to apply make-up, brush my hair, and throw together a breakfast to eat on-the-go while I rush to class.


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