Bright Side

Writing Challenge: April 10, 2018

Prompt: Write a good thing from today.

Today was terrible. Work was exhausting and stressful, but I try to find the good amongst the stressful: so here are some positive parts of my day.

The weather was beautiful. It was warm and sunny. The sky was blue and speckled with puffy, white clouds. The air was miraculously clear for an infamously polluted valley, and were flowers blossoming on the trees across campus.

I looked cute. I wore a sheer-cream button-down top over a flesh-colored camisole, comfortable jeans, and gold-leather flats. I was both stylish and comfortable, which is always an uplifting combination.

My coffee was particularly fine this morning as one of my co-workers gave me a sample of his favorite espresso-blend to try. It was indeed fantastic, though not something I would drink on a daily basis.


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